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Our Legacy in Marble Quarrying: Established in 1998, ProNobil is a distinguished international supplier of premium marble stones and pure micronized calcium carbonate. Our roots trace back to a rich history of marble quarrying, where we initially owned and leased mines to contractors. Over four generations, we have grown into the proud owners of 70 active mining sites, covering a 4-square-kilometer expanse of high-quality stones.

A Family Legacy Spanning Four Generations: At ProNobil, we are not just suppliers; we are custodians of a family legacy that spans four generations. Join us on this journey of excellence, where tradition meets innovation, and discover the unparalleled quality and service that define ProNobil’s more than 40 years of successful family business.

Technological Evolution in Marble Quarrying: At ProNobil, we have not only embraced tradition but also evolved with the ever-changing landscape of marble quarrying technologies. Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in the integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the extraction and production of the finest marble stones. This seamless blend of tradition and innovation allows us to deliver products that meet and exceed the highest industry standards.

Global Presence and Headquartered in Dubai: With our headquarters nestled in the vibrant city of Dubai, UAE, ProNobil has grown into a global force in marble production. Our strategic location in Dubai positions us to cater to international markets, meeting the increasing demands for premium marble stones and micronized calcium carbonate.

Diversification into Micronized Calcium Carbonate: Driven by over two decades of experience, ProNobil has expanded operations to produce pure micronized carbonate calcium in various sizes, catering to diverse industries globally. Our commitment to quality extends beyond marble, showcasing our versatility in delivering exceptional products across various sectors.

Cultivating Stronger Relationships and Direct Supply Lines: With more than 20 years of experience, ProNobil aims to develop stronger relationships with end-users and establish direct supply lines with valued clients. This strategic approach ensures the uncompromised quality of our products and professional delivery services, solidifying ProNobil as a trusted name in the industry.

  • Address: Suite 1702 Level 17, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, UAE
  • Telephone: +971 4 567 733
  • Email: Sales@pronobil.com

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